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No. Name Photo Nationality Talks
1.   V. Shivitsov   Russia  1-Transosseous osteosynthesis in rehabilitation of patients with periarticular and intraarticular fractures of upper limb.

2-Treatment of congenital femoral dislocation in children using Ilizarov method

2 Ivan I. Martel    Russia  1-Open fractures management using Ilizarov method. Ivan I. Martel, V.I. Shevtsov

2-External fixation of pelvis injuries using Ilizarov frame. Ivan I. Martel, Vladimir I. Shevtsov

3 Anna M. Aranovich   Russia  1-Classification and system of patients’ rehabilitation with tibia ectromelia.A.M. Aranovich, V.I. Shevtsov, V.D. Makushin, O.K. Chegurov
 4 Alexandr Khudyaev Russia  1-Transosseous osteosynthesis in spine surgery
5.   M. Weber   Germany 1.Treatment of complex foot ptoblems.

2.Treatment of complex pediatric limb problems.

3.Weber cable technique for salvage of osteomyelitic bone.

6.   Bahir Ilias   France  1-The double mobility cup
French solution to prevent dislocations of total hip prothesis

2-Gender? Hyperflex? Minimaly invasive? Mid-sub-trans vastus?
Advances and controversies in primery total knee replacement

3- Lower limb lengthening using intramedullary locked nail. (poster).

7.   James Binski   USA   1-Application of TSF in Foot and Ankle Deformity.

2-Treatment of Knee Arthritis by External Fixation.

3-Hypertrophic Non-Union Treatment Options.

4-Correction of Complex Deformity by External fixation.

8.   Simon Carter   UK  1-Retrospective analysis of symptom duration in patients with soft tissue sarcoma: does a delay in diagnosis affect outcome?

2-Infection and cancer  is there a survival advantage

9.   Il Park   South Korea 1-Results of tumor megaprosthesis in more than 5 years' follow-up cases -Comparison between cemented and cementless system

2-Limb salvage using recycled autobone
and secondary limb lengthening in children
 (lecture or free paper or NSD)

3-A Surgical Treatment of Twenty-three Calcaneal Unicameral Bone Cysts: Open Chip Allobone Graft versus Percutaneous Injection of Bone Powder with Autogenous Bone Marrow

10.   Nash Naam   USA  1-Nerve Injuries, Physiology, diagnosis and Management.

 2-Use of vascularized pedicled bone grafts in treating Carpal pathology.

3-Controlled Mobilization programs in improving results of Flexor and Extensor tendon repair and reconstruction.

11.   Gerald E. Wozasek Austria  1-Myth and acts on fat embolisation

2-Treatment of hypertrophic and atrophic uninfected non-union with internal fixation

3-Ringfixation: past –present- future

12.  Kenshi Sakayama   Japan  1-New recycle bone method (Frozen bone method) for reconstruction of malignant musculoskeletal tumors

2-Anti­tumor action of patch drug for osteosarcoma( Poster)

3-What is the perfect surgery?

13. Hui Hoi Po, James   Singapore  2-Tissue Engineering Approach to Knee Disorders”.
14.   Myles Clough    Canada l- Is the internet an opportunity or a waste of time

2-Scoliosis information on the internet

15.   Jorg Bahm   Germany  1-Free functional gracilis muscle transfer in severe obstetric brachial plexus palsy

2-Gleno-humeral dysplasia (biomechanics and treatment) in obstetric brachial plexus palsy

3-Treatment of recurrent carpal tunnel syndrome.

16.   Nando DeSanctis   Italy  1-Treatment of DDH in growing age
2-The treatment of femur fractures in children
17.   Shunji Nakano   Japan 1- Our operative strategy for the osteoarthritis of the hip joint secondary to acetabular dysplasia

2- Chiari pelvic osteotomy for dysplastic osteoarthritis with labral tear

18. Yoshitsugu Takeda   Japan  1-Tibio-femoral kinematics of the double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
19.  Toshiyuki Iwame     1-A prospective study of the outcome of double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in comparison with one-bundle reconstruction

2- I can also prepare some cases to be discussed about the diagnosis and treatment

20.  Tetsuo Hotta    Japan 1-Hip Joint Reconstruction after Resection of Pelvic Malignant Bone Tumors

2-Bone Formation in Beta-tricalcium Phosphate

21.   Mario Mercuri    Italy 1) Must all Tumors be operated?

2) Current concepts in Orthopaedic Oncology

3) Allograft-Prosthesis Composite reconstruction in the treatment of primary bone tumors of the proximal femur

22.   Imhoff   Germany  1-Arthroscopic Anatomical Reconstruction of AC-joint dislocations using  2 TightRopes (Arthrex, FL, USA). Andreas B. Imhoff, MD,  Gian Salzmann MD, Lars Walz MD

 2-Aperture Fixation in Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Double Bundle Reconstruction Andreas B. Imhoff, Peter Brucker

3-Shoulder resurfacing
Andreas B. Imhoff, Lars Walz

23.   Akio Yokogawa   Japan  1. An evaluation of preventive measures for the pedicle screws loosening in osteoporosis spine

2. The effect of Bisphosphonate for metasitatic spinal tumor from prostate cancer

24.   Michael Schnabel   Germany  1-Vertebro- and kyphoplasty in the treatment of acute traumatic fractures of the spine

2-Prof. Schnabel/Dr. Walthers
CT-guided percutaneous fixation of sacroiliac fractures in trauma patients

3-Accuracy of CT-based navigated pedicle screw placement in comparison to conventional technique

25.   Go Omori   Japan   1. Risk factor of medial knee osteoarthritis,

2. Long term clinical results of high tibial osteotomy for medial knee osteoarthritis.

26.   Satoshi Kawaguchi   Japan   1-Fusion gene-derived peptide immunotherapy for synovial sarcoma

2-Diagnosis and treatment of vertebral pseudoarthrosis

27.   Fabio Verdoni    Italy 1-Staged lenghtening in achondroplasic children: our results and the observed complications.

2-Great trochanter distal transfer and femoral lengthening in patients with DDH.

28.   Frédéric Schuind   Begium 1-Hand transplantation

2-Hand and wrist external fixation

29. Kevin Louie    USA 1-Treatment of Proximal and Distal Periarticular Fractures with External Fixation

2-Tibial shaft fractures treated with the taylor spatial frame

3-Management of Infected Nonunions or Atrophic Nonunions with External Fixation

4.Outcome Analysis of Combined Ilizarov Bone Transport & Immediate Free Tissue Transfer for Lower Extremity Salvage (Paper)

30.  Yasunori Hattori   Japan 1-Double Free Muscle Transfer Technique in Traumatic Brachial Plexus Injury

.2-Fingertip Replantation

31.   Marco Innocenti   Italy  1-Free functioning muscle transfer in orthopaedic surgery

2-Free epiphyseal bone transfer

3-Microsurgical approach to chronic osteomyelitis

32.   Hiroshi Yajima   Japan  1-Freev Vascularized Fibula (Fibular Head) Grafting to the Upper Extremities"

2-"Advanced Kienbock's Disease Treated with Implantation of a Tendon Roll and Temporary Partial Fixation of the Wrist"

33.   Nobuyuki Takenaka   Japan   1.Assessment of Mechanical Properties of Healing Callus by Acoustic  Emission Technology

2.Clinical Results of Low-intensity Pulsed Ultrasound for Nonunions 
or Delayed Unions

34.   Milan KOKAVEC   Slovak Republic 1.Developmental dysplasia of the hip. Experience with prevention and real incidence 

2.Clinical and instrumental evaluation of hip joint stability in CP patients, possibilities of treatment

3.The role of pamidronate in the operative treatment of children fractures in osteogenesis imperfecta

35.   James Richardson    UK 1-Towards a Biological Joint Replacement

2-Hip Resurfacing

36.   Takao Hotokebuchi    Japan 1-Femoral Osteotomies For The Treatment Of Hip Disorders

2-Cementless Total Hip Arthroplasty For  Patients With Osteoprosis

3-Total Hip Arthroplasty For The Treatment Of Ankylosed Hips.

37.   Seok Hyun Lee  South Korea 1-Treatment of DDH around 1 year of age

2-Orthopaedic Management of Skeletal   Dysplasia

3-Complications of Femoral Lengthening

38.   Ismat Ghanem   Lebanon 1-Pediatric cervical spine instability

2-Management of DDH after the walking age

3-The management of aneurysmal bone cyst

39. Kiyoshi Kaneda   Japan  1. Result with Anterior Reconstruction using the Dual-rod system KASS in Treatment of Idiopathic Scoliosis - From the Average 10 years 3 months Postoperative Follow-up.

2. Total Vertebrectomy and Reconstruction by the Combined Posterior and Anterior Procedures
in Treatment of the Thoraco-Lumbar Spinal Metastatic Tumors.

3.What are Indications for Anterior, Posterior, or Combined Ant. & Post. Reconstruction                   in Treatment of Thoracic and Lumbar Spinal Injuries ? -From Experience in Total 602 Patients during 20 years from 1986 to 2006-

40. Takafumi Ueda   Japan   1-Clinical Outcome of Limb-Sparing Surgery for Patients with Osteosarcoma of Proximal Tibia(Poster)
41. Ralph Greiner-Perth   Germany  1-Vertebral body replacement as a lecture (20 minutes) on Tuesday 27.11.2007.

2-A paper on (Comparison of a less invasive percutaneous approach to the standard microsurgical technique in the operative treatment of lumbar disc herniation - A prospectiv randomized study) in 8 minutes on Tuesday 27.11.2007.

3-Posterior fusion techniques in cervical spine as a lecture (20 minutes) on Wednesday 28.11.2007.

42. Bernd Fuechtmeier   Germany   1-Treatment strategies and complication management after peri- and interprosthetic femur fractures

2- The anti-protrusio cage in revision total hip arthroplasty: indications, principles and clinical results.

43. Yong Qiu   China  1-Comparison of the clinical results of video-assisted thoracoscopic anterior correction and mini-incision thoracotomic anterior correction for idiopathic thoracic scoliosis

2-The anatomical relationship between the aorta and the thoracic vertebral bodies and its importance in the placement of the screw in thoracoscopic corrective of Scoliosis

3-Clinical outcome of anterior corrective surgery for thoracolumbar scoliosis: mini-open approach without diaphragm dissection vs open approach

4-Comparison of the early clinical results of video-assisted thoracoscopic anterior correction and mini-incision thoracotomic anterior correction for idiopathic thoracic scoliosis

44. Manyi Wang   China  1-Operative treatment of delayed acetabular fractures

2-When do we need to fix syndesmosis

3-New concepts and new techniques affecting development of orthopaedic trauma [ Chinese Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma], WANG Man-yi

4-Medical robots and computer assisted navigation used in surgery of orthopaedic trauma [ Chinese Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma], WANG Man-yi

45. Klaus Radermacher   Germany  1-Navigation & robotics in orthopaedics

2-Orthopaedic MIS: A German National project

 46. Sam Hakki   USA  1-Navigation & MIS for knee arthroplasty

2-Navigated THA

 47. James P Waddell   Canada  1-Planning & management of complex THA

2-Planning & management of revision THA

 48 Mahmoud A Hafez   USA  1-Simple CAOS solutions for hip & knee arthroplasty

2-CAOS for THA & hip resurfacing


Stefano Boriani Italy 1- Chordoma and Chondrosarcoma.

2 - Role of Minivasive Surgery in the treatment of tumors.

3 - Flow-chart for Spine Metastases Treatment.


Maurizio A. Catagni Italy 1- Strategy and results of treatment of 3° Lateral hemimelia ( Fibular hemimelia).

2- Massive bone loss of the tibia: strategy of treatment and results.

3- Fracture of the femur: indication and limit of the external fixation.


Bjarne Moeller-Madsen Denmark EOA-EPOS-POSNA Orthopaedic Paediatric Course.


Karl Rathjen USA EOA-EPOS-POSNA Orthopaedic Paediatric Course.


Gregory Bain Australia 1- Reverse Total shoulder replacements.
2- Fixation in wrist fractures.


Alexander Brawanski Germany Neurosurgical treatment options in degenerative cervical spine disease.


Reggie Hamdy Canada EOA-EPOS-POSNA Orthopaedic Paediatric Course.


Mark Paterson UK EOA-EPOS-POSNA Orthopaedic Paediatric Course.