Dear Guests & Colleagues;

     On behalf of the Egyptian Orthopaedic Association and the organizing committee of the congress, itís great pleasure to invite you to the 60th Annual International Congress of The Egyptian Orthopaedic Association, November 17-20, 2008.

     The most productive and effective way to educate our selves and other can be gained, in our believe, through the exchange of knowledge and experience between scientists and professionals in such meeting.

     Every letter of subscription and participation both as delegates and faculty fuels our energy and makes us more determined to bring this congress up to your expectations. Despite the unforeseen difficulties we are facing, we are trying to include the most eminent figures from allover the world among our program.

     Our social program is fashioned to satisfy the desires of the participants and their accompanying guests. I am sure youíll enjoy staying in Cairo, where the glory and history of the ancient Egypt merges with the beauty and wonders of the modern state.


General Secretaries

Prof. Adel Adawy

Prof. Ashral El-Tabei