General Information

Conference venue:

Grand Hyatt Cairo Hotel



December 6-9, 2010


Workshops & Other Activities Dec 6

Opening Ceremony Dec 6 Afternoon

Scientific sessions, Dec 7 – 9

Gala dinner Dec 9, 21:00 pm



Autumn is favorable season in Egypt, although it is chilly by nights, it is sunny most of day time.

Temperature in Cairo “average“ 22° - 14 ° c.

Clothing is informal and casual, sweaters or jackets are needed during the evening.



Visas are not required for most nationalities entering Egypt.

Egyptian embassies and consulates will be notified of the event and asked to expedite visa procedure.



The official currency is the Egyptian pound (LE.)

The current rate of exchange for the U.S. dollar is approximately 5.60L.E. 

Credit cards are generally accepted by hotels and main shops.


Electric Current:

220 AC 50 Cycles, wall plugs are the round two prong type.

Social Activities:

A variety of social activities (conventional and optional) are considered in this Conference.



Opening ceremony and welcome reception.

Ladies daily trips to ancients, historical and touristic places.



The organizing committee will forward a letter of invitation upon request.

This letter is intended to facilitate the participant’s formal uses without any financial obligations from the Conference.



The exhibitions of national and international companies will display orthopaedic instruments, implants, pharmaceutical and medical products.