Dear EOA Congress participants,

 The Executive Board of the Egyptian Orthopedic association would like to welcome you to our 2013 EOA Congress , we are delighted to host members and attendants from far and wide for this landmark assembly of Orthopedics , during the coming 4 days congress, the distinguished speakers will deliver lectures , in addition , interactive discussions and symposia on Orthopedic topics will take place at great length , moreover , teachings , learning case discussions will be there to complementing the many innovative and interactive programs this congress adopting.

The EOA as prestigious association has remarkable contributions to highlight cutting edge technology, researches of Orthopedics science nature, along with recognized collaborations to increasing involvement to finding solutions for Orthopedic problems patients, our contributions are regionally extensively recognized, yet known to many associations of the health and Orthopedics industry Worldwide.       

Unique to this assembly, the venue where this congress is annually held, CAIRO, a city renowned for contradictions and for its various facets, with its vibrant and diversified cultural legacy and historic potentials,  will excite every visitor and offers many and various sightseeing including visits to the Great Pyramids & the Sphinx of Geizeh, the Lion-like guardian of Geizeh plateau , now and ever , still seen for many guests as one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, the treasury of the young King TUT ANKH AMOUN , the marvelous sun boat museum at Geizeh, Memphis & Sakkara necropolis , the a legacy of Coptic and Christian Egypt with many famous landmarks in Cairo, Islamic Cairo with the stunning monuments & artifacts , all potential visits are combined with the 4 days Congress workshops and post the event as well.

 We look forward to welcoming you in the EOA Congress.

EOA & Congress President
Prof. Gamal A. Hosny

Dear Guests & colleagues:

        Itís my pleasure to welcome you all in the 65th annual international congress of the Egyptian Orthopaedic Association. This association was established in 1948 by the efforts of our great professors. It is my honor to be the general secretary of the congress.  I tried to do my best to make the scientific and the social programs both fruitful and enjoyable.    

     The congress this year contains 68 scientific sessions, including lectures, papers, symposia, round table discussion and workshopsWe have 6 pre-conference workshops in different sub-specialities. The conference comprise many sessions on the same sub-speciality to cover all the available topics. This year we have invited distinguished guest speakers who came from countries all over the world, this will enrich our congress and give all the participants the chance to revise the most recent updates in different aspects of orthopaedic surgery.

      I wish you all a successful meeting that helps us in expanding the knowledge and practice of orthopaedic surgery, and I hope we will all share in enriching the discussions in all the sessions to get the best out of this fruitful gathering.

     Letís have a great stay here in Cairo. I know that Egypt is going through a critical phase and now facing great challenges, but nations like Egypt with all its history, culture and glory will certainly come out of it stronger and prosperous.

     Finally I wish you all an enjoyable stay & safe return home

Congress General Secretary
Prof. Hani El Mowafi

Dear Colleagues,

 This is a great time in history for our nation where the young generation moved for democracy and freedom.

Egypt is going to be great again.  

The EOA congress is widely recognized as an international gathering of a group of distinguished surgeons. We aimed to achieve a highly scientific and social program in the 65th Annual International Congress of the Egyptian Orthopaedic Association. We did our best to continue the success and renovation of the EOA congresses.

A lot of effort is exerted to improve the scientific and social Program. We did our best to make the congress a great success. Many things will appear for the first time. We welcome you all in our congress and we hope you all a good stay.

EOA & Congress Treasurer
Prof. Mohamed Fadel