Lectures of our International
Guest Speakers

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Prof. Baumgart,  R.       Germany      (Baumgart  C.V. click here)


1- The fitbone-system - new dimensions in limb lengthening and deformity corrections.

2- Fully implantable and external motorized systems for bridging large bone defects.

Prof. Corell, J.            Germany  

1. The treatment of congenital pseudarthrosis of the tibia with the Ilizarov method – an experience of 55 cases.

2. Treatment of fibular deficiency - an experience of more than 500 cases.

3.  The severely deformed foot - 353 feet treated with the Ilizarov method.

Prof.  V.  I. Shevtsov       Russia

1. Knee joint deformities and theirs correction.

2. Surgical treatment of children with aplasia of proximal femoral part

3. Possibilities of severe spinal deformity corrections using device of external transpedicular fixation.

Prof. Kevin D Tetsworth, MD, FRACS    USA

(1) The Malalignment Test

(2) Femoral Uniapical Deformity Planning - Frontal Plane

(3) Femoral Sagittal Plane Deformity Planning (Knee Flexion Deformities)

(4) Multiapical deformities

(5) Percutaneous osteotomies

(6) Introduction to the Spatial Frame

Prof. Hafez, M       USA         (Hafez, M  C.V. click here)

1) The use of computer assisted surgery in skeletal deformities

2) Navigation versus conventional techniques for the correction of femoral and tibial deformities during total knee arthroplasty

Prof. Weber,  M.   Germany (M Weber  C.V. click here)

1. Bone reconstruction after tumour resection.

2. Foot deformities.

3. Weber Cable-Technique for bone transport. & WS

Prof. Alasdair Simpson,   UK

    (Simpson C.V. click here)

Lengthening nail
Prof. Moneim, Moheb S., MD, FRCSC  USA
M. S. Moneim  C.V. click here)


1.  Mal union of distal radius fractures

2. Management of post traumatic elbow stiffness

3. Madelung`s deformity.

Prof. Dana Vasilescu      Romania
1- Epiphysiodesis for deformity correction in children
Prof. Wozasek, Gerald Eliot , MD     Austria


1-Intramedullary callus distraction-the future of bone lengthening

2-The antibiotic-cement-wire-construct in infected nonunion

3-Leg length discrepancy after hip fractures.

Prof. Exner G. Ulrich,       Switzerland

1. Lengthening of congenital short femur (PFFD) protecting the knee with a mobile fixed hinge incorporated into the external fixateur system.

2. Epiphysial sparing techniques for malignant tumors in children using epiphysial distraction (Pamplona technique) and transepiphysial resections.

3. Pemberton-line osteotomy of the distal tibia in fibular hemimelia to stabilize the hind foot.

Prof.  Jean Dubousset       France

1-The pelvic vertebra concept its application for treatment of spinal pathology.

2-3D aspect of spinal deformities with the low dose radiation EOS device.

3-Congenital malformations of the cranio –cervical junction in children.

4-Treatment of spinal deformities in young children below age 8 y old.

Prof.  BOULOT      France

1- Vertebral interpedicular osteotomies

2- 3D brace scoliosis treatment

Prof.  M. Machida      Japan


1-Short segment anterior technique with minimal skin incision for thoracolumbar scoliosis

2-Osteoporosis in girls with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis", and "Serum melatonin levels in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: Prediction

3-Prevention for curve progression -A prospective study

Prof.  Norbert Passuti      France ===


1- Strategy for correction in adult deformity (30 mn)

2-Degenative lumbar curves and complications for porotic spine hyperkyphosis (strategy for surgical correction)

3-Neuromuscular scoliosis (surgical correction and strategy)