Alasdair Hamish Robert Wallace Simpson



Current post:       George Harrison Law Professor of Orthopaedics & Trauma,

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Royal Infirmary of  Edinburgh, Little France, Edinburgh EH16 4SU

                              Head of Musculoskeletal Research Unit, Level 3 Pathology Department,

      Medical School, University of Edinburgh Teviot Place, Edinburgh EH8 9AG



Address:                     Department of Orthopaedic Surgery & Trauma

                                    Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

                                    Little France


                                    EH16 4SU


Education:                   Queens’ College, Cambridge                   

                                    Medical sciences tripos

                                                Natural sciences tripos

                                                                        Advanced physics & Experimental psychology

                                                Christ Church, Oxford           

                                                                        Clinical course, Radcliffe Infirmary

                                                        Finals dissertation on ‘The effects of magnetic fields on biological tissue’



Degrees:         BA (Hons)                                         1978

                        BM, BCh (Oxon)                                1981

                        MA (Cantab)                                      1981

                        FRCS (Edinburgh and England)           1986

                        DM (Oxon)                                        1993



Memberships: British Orthopaedic Association

                        Bone and Tooth Society

                        British Trauma Society

                        British Limb Reconstruction Society

                        British Society of Children’s Orthopaedic Surgery

                        British Connective Tissue Society

                        Orthopaedic Research Society (American & European)

                        Girdlestone Society



Executive Committees: British Limb Reconstruction Society – President (2005-7)  

                        British Orthopaedic Research Society - President (2004-6)

                        Association of Professors of Orthopaedic Surgery-President (2003-5)


Honours:              Hunterian Professor of Royal College of Surgeons of England

                              ABC Travelling Fellow

Eleanor Peel Research Fellow

British Orthopaedic Association Research Fellow

British Orthopaedic Research Society President’s Medal 1998


Previous Posts:        1998-2000 Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Oxford University

and Honorary Consultant, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre NHS trust, Oxford.

1992-1997 Reader in Orthopaedic Surgery, Oxford University

and Honorary Consultant, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre NHS trust, Oxford.

                              1992-  Fellow, St Peter’s College, Oxford

Lady Eleanor Peel Research Fellow 1992

BOA research Fellow 1989


Graduate supervision and other graduate teaching undertaken.

I have supervised 15 students for doctoral theses and 2 for masters theses in the last 10 years. All of these graduates have successfully obtained their degrees.

I have also supervised multiple final year pre-clinical student dissertation projects.


University Examining

As Head of the Edinburgh University department of Trauma & Orthopaedics, I am responsible for teaching, assessment & examinations for the musculoskeletal system for the medical students.

I have acted as external examiner for doctorates for the Universities of Belfast, Edinburgh, Leicester, Manchester, Oxford, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham and Southampton.

I am an external examiner for the medical undergraduate course at the University of Aberdeen

and an external examiner for the Cardiff University MSc in Orthopaedic Engineering .



Additional Activities at National and International Level

From 1997  I have been on the Editorial board of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery which is the major journal of the orthopaedic and trauma community with a circulation of  over  20,000.

In 2001  I became an associate Editor for Trauma and Orthopaedics.

I am a member of the European Orthopaedic Research editorial board of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery and an associate editor for the international edition of Orthopaedics and Traumatology.

I also review for The American Journal of Orthopaedic Research; Injury;  Engineering in Physics and Medicine & The Croatian Medical Journal.

I am Honorary Secretary of Committee of SIROT (Societe Internationale Research Orthopaedie & Trauma ) and a Founding Fellow of the International Society of Mechanical Effects on tissues (MTR).

I have acted as reviewer for charities and for multiple health regions and I am on the Engineering and Physics Research Council’s (EPSRC) advisory board.

I was awarded a Hunterian Professorship of the Royal College of Surgeons of England for 1999/2000.

And in 2002 I was selected to give the inaugural Al Hammadi Lecture for the RCS Edinburgh

As Honorary Secretary of the British Orthopaedic Research Society I ran the Society for 3 years and was instrumental in bringing in a number of changes. I have recently been elected President  from 2003.  I am now Honorary Secretary of the Association of Professors of Orthopaedic Surgery & Education Secretary for the British Limb Reconstruction Society.  

I am Chairman of the Special Advisory Board in Orthopaedics of The Royal College of Surgeons of  Edinburgh and a co-opted member of Council of the RCS as well as sitting on the Joint Committee for Higher Surgical Training.


Research Grants


1989 The Wishbone Trust

The investigation of the effect of varying mechanical environments on peripheral nerve tissue.

1989 Action Research (with G Goldspink, J Kenwright)

            The investigation of the effect of varying mechanical environments on muscle.

1990 Alan Sharp Scholarship

            To study in the unit of Professor Ilizarov in Siberia.

1993 Action Research

The prevention and correction of contractures associated with limb lengthening.

1994 The Wishbone Trust

The characterization of the pattern of 3-D movement at fracture and osteotomy sites.

1995 The Wishbone Trust

            The adhesion and behaviour of bone cells and bacteria on polymethyl methacrylate gels.

1995 Oxfordshire Region Grant

            For randomised prospective trail of the treatment of ruptured achilles tendons.

1996 Research into Ageing

            Falls in the elderly – will certain floor surfaces reduce serious fracture incidence?

1996 Wishbone Grant

            Investigation of the application of Fuzzy logic for EMG processing.

1997 The Wishbone Trust (with H Brownlow)

A determination of the critical length of avascularity required for atrophic non-union formation

1997 Chartered Society of Physiotherapists

            The effect on muscle function of surgical correction of leg length deformities using the Ilizarov external fixator: implications for physiotherapy practice

1997 Genetics Institute Inc.

            Acceleration of Distraction Osteogenesis consolidation phase using rhBMP-2 in a rabbit model

1997 Oxfordshire Health Authority (with M Wood)

            The effect of drugs on new bone formation during leg lengthening

1997 The Wishbone Trust and University non-recurrent equipment grant

            Equipment (Hip Walk)

1997 Porton Down (DERA, PLSD) (with J Kenwright)

            Assessment of external fixation systems for fracture care which might be appropriate for the military

1998 Arthritis and Rheumatism Council (with D Porter & A Monaco)

Correlation of Genetic Mutation with Disease Severity in Hereditary Multiple Exostoses.

1998 Oxfordshire Health Authority (with M Levy)

            In-vitro investigation of mature human muscle-derived cells as a source of mesenchymal stem cells

1998 Oxfordshire Health Authority (with H Brownlow)

            Research into the biological aspects of development of non-union formation

1998 Wellcome Trust (with J O’Connor)

            A method for examining the in-vivo mechanical strains that act upon the repair tissue of bone fractures and their influence on healing outcome

2000 Action Research (with P. Williams & E Goldspink)

                Regeneration of muscle after limb lengthening

2000 Scottish Office (with D Salter & P Gaston)

            Use of PCR for diagnosing bone and joint infections

2001 SHEFC (1.1Million) (with B Noble)

Establishment of the Scottish Mechanotransduction Consortium

2002 Medlink  (250,000)

            Investigation of Precision dissection using ultrasonics

2003 Arthritis & Rheumatism Research Council   (600,000)

            Support of Arthritis research in Edinburgh

2003 Medical Research Council (45,000)

            Discipline hopping award


PUBLICATIONS of original articles in peer reviewed journals:


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Multiple further peer reviewed presentations and published abstracts.


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