Treatment of late sequelae of chronic haematogenous osteomyelitis

Ihab Badawi (Egypt)

Po. 01

Complications of cosmetic limb lengthening.

Khaled Emara (Egypt)

Po. 02

Post traumatic equinus deformity in children.

Khaled Emara (Egypt)

Po. 03

Infection following plating for non union of tibia treated by circular ring fixator.

Nazri Mohamed Yusof (Malaysia)

Po. 04

Refaat trochanteric fixator for treatment of trochanteric fractures in the non elderly patients.

Mohamed El Tayeb (Egypt)

Po. 05

Modified dorsal rotational advancement flap for release of the thumb web space.

Hisham Abdel Ghani (Egypt)

Po. 06

Two patients with moderate slipped capital femoral epiphysis follow up of 37-39 years.

Anastasopoulos Hlias (Greek)

Po. 07

Coxa vara due to fibrous dysplasia.13 years follow-upcoxa vara due to fibrous dysplasia.

Anastasopoulos Hlias (Greek)

Po. 08

Two cases with congenital hip dysplasia hip subluxation. Follow up 22-29 years.

Anastasopoulos Hlias (Greek)

Po. 09

Ilizarov foot correction effect on function and joint motion.

Hatem Kotb (Egypt)

Po. 10

Functional outcome of lower limb mechanical axis correction in pediatric age group using annular frames.

Hatem Kotb (Egypt)

Po. 11

Management of tibial deformities in paediatric age group using ilizarov.

Hatem Kotb (Egypt)

Po. 12

The combined approach of deformity correction & bone lengthening.

Adel Khamis (Egypt)

Po. 13

The contracted hand.

Adel Khamis (Egypt)

Po. 14

Congenital radial club hand lengthening by a mono-plane device, in type iv patients with previous wrist centralization.

Ahmed Allam (Egypt)


Congenital radioulnar synostosis; a new operative technique for obtaining functional supination pronation range, a report of two cases.

Ahmed Allam (Egypt)

Po. 16

Functional outcome after 8 years follow up following the treatment of congenital pseudarthrosis of the tibia by ilizar ov technique.

Hany El Mowafi (Egypt)

Po. 17

Open reduction versus closed reducation technique of intraarticular calcaneal fracture.

Hany El Mowafi (Egypt)

Po. 18