Guest Speakers

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Prof. Franz Grill

1-Computer assisted deformity analysis (10 Minutes)

2-Hyperphosphortenic rickets, correction of limb deformities (15 Min)

3-Radiographic evaluation during the Ponseti method (10 Min)

4-Congenital pseudoarthrosis of the tibia

5-Congenital short femur
Prof. Gerald Eliot Wozasek

1- Advances and controversies in limb reconstruction

2- New bone grafting technique in bone defects

Prof. Govardhan

1-Fixator assisted deformity corrections

2-CTEV -Results of Ponseti corrections

3-Complications of limb lengthening

4-Extension contracture of knee
Prof. Hiroyuki Tsuchiya

1-Reconstruction with distraction osteogenesis after tumor resection

2-Application of external fixation for benighn bone tumors

3-Ankle mobilization with natural hinge

4-Infected nonunion: a variety of treatment with external fixator
Prof. Ivan I. Martel 1-Possibilities With Ilizarov External Fixation For Closed Restoration Of The Shape and integrity Of The Pelvic Ring In Patients With Neglected Pelvic Injuries Russia
Prof. Johannes Correll

1-Is the Ilizarov method the treatment of choice in congenital pseudarthrosis of the lower leg? An experience of 56 cases

2-Preservation of limbs in fibular and tibial hemimelia - more than 580 cases without amputation.

3-The worse the foot deformity the better Ilizarov method - 353 feet treated with the Ilizarov method.
Prof. Jose Morcuende   USA
Prof. Jacques Boulot   France  
Prof. Kevin D Tetsworth   Australia
Prof. Michael Weber

1-The Foot in Fibular Hemimelia (20 min. + 5 min. Discussion)

2-Weber Classification of Tibial Hemimelia (20 min + 5 min. Discussion)

3-Creating Joints in Tibial Hemimelia (20 min. + 5 min Discussion

Prof. R. Hamdy

1-Paediatric Hip Course

(Work Shop)
Prof. Ralovets N.E. 1-Operative correction of dysplastic acetabulum in school-age children Russia
Prof. Rainer Baumgart

1-The Latest Fitbone-technology

2-New Tumor-Growing-Endoprostheses

Prof. Robert Hill

1-Lengthening Congenital Short Femur A single surgeons series

2-Management of Blounts Diseae
Prof. Sanjeev S Madan   UK
Prof. Stanley Jones

1. Hip Distraction- review of the literature and our experience

2. Pelvic support osteotomy (Ex Fix) for stiff and deformed hips.

3. Osteotomies of the foot ( for correction of deformities using Ex Fixs)

4. The Basics of TSF- Application and software use

5.  Skeletal Dysplasias and the use of Ex Fix to correct deformities