Welcome Words

Dear colleagues,

      On behalf of the Egyptian Orthopaedic Association & scientific committee, we welcome you in Cairo to the 10th International Congress of ýSkeletal Deformities Correction.
This year we anticipate captivating presentations and workshops by internationally recognized professors and experts with up to date Deformity & Correction researches, through June18-20 our offered sessions will include special sessions, intensive workshops, round table discussions, and a comprehensive technical exhibition.

      Join us at the Mena house Hotel which was a royal lodge for the Khedive Ismail, used as a rest house for himself and his guests when hunting in the desert or visiting the Pyramids of Giza imposed in the backdrop, in 1869 with the opening of the Suez Canal, the lodge was enlarged. Also, a road was built between Cairo and the Pyramids (specifically for the visit of the Empress Eugenie) which made visits to Giza much easier. This historic venue still operates till present day as to host and provide an enchanting setting for our congress today.

      We look forward to your participation in what promises to be an engaging and informative Deformity Congress.

Congress General Secretaries

Prof. Gamal A Hosny

Prof. Abdel Mohsen Arafa